A Seemingly Awful Day

Posted by Andrew Groves | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, March 26, 2008

God is good. Over time, I've managed to forget such simple truth as this. Do not be mistaken: I do not view God as one who lacks goodness. Instead, I have allowed the goodness of God to slip my mind and my heart... until today. This seemingly awful day was redeemed by the one source of hope in our fallen world. The stress of the day had overwhelmed me, but Almighty God enveloped me in his love.

God is good. There's really no better way to say it. He is faithful to the faithless and loving to the loveless. And we can see this goodness all around us if we just take a look. He reveals himself in times of trial and triumph; yet so often we ignore him in both. We can see him in the blossoms of spring, the warm smile of a friend, and the sparkling of midnight stars. His promise of redemption drives deeper than we may realize, granting us comfort when we least expect it.

God is good. And he is the only being that is perpetually good. All else may fade, but the goodness of God endures forever. His word is replete with examples of this goodness, if we would only read it. And we can be a part of this goodness, if we would only listen. Our lives are filled up with so much noise that the voice of God cannot be heard. We must stop picturing God as a part of life and begin to recognize him as the source of our life. Then, if we acknowledge him, he will lead us in his way, and the seemingly awful days will be redeemed by the sovereign Savior.

God is good.

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness

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"When your spirit is hovering over the deep,
In the image of God just look into that darkness and speak."
-Andrew Peterson
"Let There Be Light"
Love and Thunder

Andrew Peterson fulfills these lyrics as he creates a world of surprise, suspense, and wonder in his first novel, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. Peterson, a master storyteller, transports the reader to a place where the imagination rules supreme. Filled with tales of flabbits and Fangs, bards and bookstores, and dragons and dynasties, this book compels its audience to dream as a little child.

Overflowing with original songs and poems, humorous footnotes, and appendices, this carefully constructed tale brings laughter and enjoyment to any reader. Peterson enhances the story with memorable characters such as Podo the grandfather pirate, Peet the Sock Man, and Armulyn the Bard. His vivid descriptions of faraway lands paint word pictures that tug at the imagination. And the timeless truths presented in this book spark noteworthy thought and discussion.

Just as Andrew Peterson's songs contain reflective expressions of truth, this novel leads its readers down a pathway of discovery. Discovery of innocence, hope, and courage. On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness reminds us to look beyond the present to the endless possibilities that await us. Possibilities not yet imagined...
RATING: 4 (out of 5)

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