Caedmon's Call Newsflash!

Posted by Andrew Groves | Posted in | Posted on Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just in case you hadn't realized from the banner photo on the top of this blog page, there's been some personnel changes in the critically acclaimed folk/rock band Caedmon's Call. It seems that Cliff Young, who was the least talented musician in the band anyway, had a falling out with the band and left to pursue a fruitless solo career in kazoo playing. Thus, I, Andrew Groves am here to fill his shoes with purpose and skill. The next Caedmon's album will feature the amazing songwriting talents of myself and Andrew Osenga and is predicted to go platinum. Caedmon's fans... here I come.

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  1. did you shrink or head or something?

  2. What do you mean?

  3. It just doesn't look right on the body. Idk.

  4. Hey, for your information... that's a real picture. How dare you question me!

  5. Okay, sure. Hope you're having a good fall break.

  6. By the way, I finally posted something (yay)

  7. I think I probably could have come up with a more complimentary picture...