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Posted by Andrew Groves | Posted in | Posted on Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hello, all you out there in Internet Land!

It is I, Andrew Groves, with an exciting bit of news. Currently, my mother Laura Groves is a contributor to the Kindred Heart Writers blog, which is listed under my "Favorite Blogs" section. Her writing is powerful and poignant, curious and challenging, and now you can read some more of it.

My mother has now founded two completely new blogs that she will be updating from time to time. The first, called The Storied Path, is all about reading, writing, and literature. Here is an excerpt from my mother's first post:

"My love for words leads me to pen everything from poetry to drama to non-fiction with a taste of fiction thrown in. The mode matters not; the message is what’s important. The relationship of story to truth keeps me writing and thinking.

Wander down the storied path with me." -Laura Lee Groves

The second blog is called And Then I Had Boys: Encouragement for Moms of Multiple Sons. In this blog, my mother hopes to share the lessons learned from raising four sons.

"My hope is that this will be a place of help, encouragement, and inspiration for boy moms. Here's my best advice for the mother of multiple boys: Tumble out of bed expecting a crazy day. Then you'll never be disappointed." -Laura Lee Groves

So stop on by and read some thoughts and writings from a wonderful writer, teacher, and mother.

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