Fatal Deduction

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Gayle Roper's latest book, Fatal Deduction, provides a simple yet pleasurable experience to the average reader. Not quite as thrilleresque as the title suggests, this story is rooted more in who the characters are than the events surrounding the characters. When strange events begin to transpire around the main character Libby Keating, her true person is revealed and explained. The mystery of the crossword clues provides a framework by which Libby and the other characters can be fleshed out, allowing the reader to better understand the characters' decisions and actions.

Libby is an excellent example of a true Christian that struggles with past events and present decisions. So often in Christian literature, the Christian protagonist is presented as flawless or incorruptible. Not so in Fatal Deduction, as Libby's heart is in the right place, but her decisions are not always upright. Several times in the book, the reader hears Libby's thoughts about her self-centered sister, her impolite daughter, and her corrupt father and grandfather. During these thought processes, Libby often realizes that her thoughts are not God-honoring and prays for forgiveness. With the aid of her newfound Christian neighbor Drew Canfield, Libby is able to learn to forgive those who have wronged her just as her Heavenly Father forgave her.

All in all, Fatal Deduction is able to provide sound Biblical lessons in the form of a pulse-pounding, page-turning murder mystery. Gayle Roper weaves a story full of real-life characters, extraordinary plot twists, and moral guideposts that bring enjoyment to any reader.
RATING: 2.5 (out of 5)

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