My Traveling Brother Returns!

Posted by Andrew Groves | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yes, it's true. Not only has my oldest brother Jonathan returned from a week long trip through the Mojave Desert, but he has also returned to the blogosphere with a vengeance! Visit his new blog (Felix Culpa) at or just click on the his link under "Favorite Blogs."

Now, there is one issue I need to clear up before you visit his blog. As you can see, the web address for my blog is entitled "A Groves Blog," while the web address for Jonathan's blog is "THE Groves Blog." I just wanted to reassure my many readers that, despite my inferior title, my blog is still noticeably cooler than his blog. With that said, enjoy your reading...

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  1. yours doesn't have rich mullins on it...I think that means I win...

  2. OMGosh Andrew---that cracks me up. I see Matthew is driving the Fit! That' what I drive. Got it in December and it seems like I never have to fill it up. Thats a good thing. Msing

    Going to look at Jonathan's blog to see who the winner is!!!!

  3. Andrew...Jonathan's blog was pretty good...but you get the "THE" designation becuase yours was the first! Msing